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Archive of the Now

The Archive is a major born-digital collection of poets performing their own work. Most of the recordings were commissioned especially for the Archive, and all can be freely downloaded. Supported by grants from the Westfield Trust and the Centre for Public Engagement, the Archive has hosted a poet-in-residence (2013-14), Sophie Mayer, who has produced new work for the site as well as leading a series of workshops for secondary school students. In October 2013 the Archive began a new project researching meta-data protocols for digital sound archives. Supported by the Innovation Fund at QMUL, we are constructing a robust back-end database which will support searching, playlisting, remixing and other tools.

Adventures in Poetry

Professor Margaret Reynolds (SED) has hosted this radio programme on BBC Radio 4 since 1998.

Alba Londres. Culture in Translation

A magazine of literary translation, edited by Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo and the poet Jèssica Pujol.

Barque Press

With Keston Sutherland, Andrea Brady founded the small poetry press Barque in 1995.  Barque’s publications include 68 books by 41 poets, 4 CDs, a DVD, and the little magazine Quid.  

Chain Reaction

Dr Katy Price (SED) contributed ‘Primers 2013’, text-based work, to this interdisciplinary exhibition celebrating the Polymerase Chain Reaction procedure, held at the University of Kent, November-December 2013.

Garnett Press

Directed by emeritus Professor of Russian Donald Rayfield, the Garnett Press is a small press which publishes poetry in translation, including The Garnett Book of Russian Verse: An Anthology with English Prose Translation (2000, 748 pp), edited by Jeremy Hicks, Olga Makarova, Anna Pilkington and Donald Rayfield (all at QMUL). 

Multilingualism and Literature in the Classroom

Dr Rachael Gilmour (SED) is working with poet Daljit Nagra and students from two schools in Tower Hamlets, Morpeth and St Paul's Way, using creative writing to support the study of literature.

Psalm Culture Network

Dr Ruth Ahnert (SED) and Dr Tamara Atkin (SED) hosted an international conference at QMUL in July 2013 examining the role of the psalms in English religious life, language and identity since the seventh century.

Transcultural Critical Editing: Vernacular Poetry in the Burgundian Netherlands, 1450-1530

Professor Adrian Armstrong is editing two volumes of a three-volume critical edition of Jean Molinet’s poetry and curating an exhibition in Manchester for this AHRC-funded project.

UnAmerican Activities

UnAmerican Activities is a poetry reading series held simultaneously in New York and Cambridge. The series connects audiences and readers on both sides of the Atlantic via live audio (and video) link. In the interval between readings, live video portals are opened in both venues so the audiences can converse. UnAmerican Activities is organized by Ian Heames, Luke McMullan and Sophie Seita. It is funded by the QMUL Arts and Culture Fund and the QMUL Postgraduate Research Initiative Fund.  

The Voice

Directed by Dr Robert Gillett (SLLF) and Alessandro Mistrorigo (Venice), this seminar series has included poetry readings, a dialogue between a poet and a neuroscientist and theoretical discussions about the voice itself.

You can hear a recording of the dialogue between Jude Rosen and Sophie Scott here.

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